3 sisters, over 100-yrs-old, reunited at Silver Creek Manor in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Three sisters, all over 100 years old, are reunited in Bristol. The sisters live hundreds of miles apart and haven’t seen each other in ten years. That is until, one sister made a wish that they’d all be together again.
It’s been a decade since the three sisters sat next to each other.

“Rose and I have come a long way to see you,” said Ruth Branum to her sister Rubeye Cox.
Ruth showered Rubeye with compliments, “You look pretty, you’ve got your pearls on, you have your hair fixed, I love you sister.”

In the Picture, from left to right, is 104-year-old Ruth Branum from Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the middle is 110-year-old Rubeye Cox who lives in Bristol. On the right is the baby, 101-year-old Rose Shloss from Sarasota, Florida.
They’re all together because of Rose’s wish through ‘A Wish Of a Lifetime,’ which makes dreams come true for seniors.

“It’s wonderful to see all of them,” Smiled Rose.

Because Rubeye is the oldest, living at Silver Creek Manor and unable to fly, Ruth and Rose traveled here.
“It’s wonderful, I feel like Cinderella, It’s a beautiful dream,” said Ruth.

The three sisters grew up in Oklahoma. They went their separate ways, as life sometimes has it, not imagining they’d be together again now.
“Isn’t it wonderful that the lord has allowed us to live this long and allowed us to be together,” Ruth asked Rubeye.
With the trio’s good fortune of living for more than a century, this was a reunion that had to happen.

“It’s just beyond words,” smiled Ruby.